Before & After Gallery: Kitchen Renovation 2

The cabinets along the walls in a kitchen are a large part of the visual landscape.  Sometimes painting the walls around the cabinets is not enough to lighten up the room.  Cabinet refacing is the perfect choice to lighten up a kitchen.

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Lighten up the kitchen without a full gut-out

One of the easiest things to do to freshen up a room is to give the walls a new coat of paint.  Changing the wall colours can transform a dark space to a lighter, more airy, modern space.  When it comes to kitchens, the cabinets along the walls are a large part of the visual landscape.  Sometimes painting the walls around the cabinets is not enough to lighten up the room.  Although painting the cabinets and doors can certainly be an option, the results and life expectancy can vary drastically.  In addition, not all doors and cabinets are suited to painting.

Cabinet refacing is the perfect choice to lighten up a kitchen. 

This beautiful kitchen below was an ideal candidate for refacing because the home owners liked the layout of the kitchen and the cabinets were in excellent shape

The home owners liked the layout of the kitchen

The space was well designed, functional, and had plenty of storage space. 

The cabinets were in excellent shape

Why go through the expense of replacing all the cabinets when they the exterior can be refaced?

The savings alone from refacing (versus replacing all the cabinets) allows for more flexibility in options for floors and countertops.  Refacing is also an eco-friendlier option than a full kitchen replacement. 

Cabinets were refaced with shaker style doors and drawer fronts.  The existing granite was removed and replaced with an elegant quartz from Italy.  

Wow – what a transformation, not only to the kitchen, but the entire floor space in that area.  The colour scheme in the adjacent family room was white and this new kitchen now works with and compliments the rest of this first floor space.

Prior to the refacing, the homeowners had the floors replaced with beautiful white porcelain floors.  As an aside, if you’re thinking about replacing floors – do so before refacing just like these homeowners did.  Have the flooring people remove the kick plate (a.k.a toe kick) before laying down the floors.  This way, the new floors can be laid as close to the cabinets as possible.  During refacing, a new kick plate is installed.

What are all the things that can happen in a refacing project?

  • All old cabinet doors and drawer fronts are replaced with new stylish measured to fit doors and drawer fronts.
  • ​Hinges are replaced with soft-close hinges as standard​
  • Cabinet sides and front portions of cabinet boxes are skinned to compliment the finishing of the new doors
  • New handles/knobs installed or reuse existing hardware
  • Available options such as crown moulding, light valence, pullouts and more
  • Cabinet options such as add-ons, removal, or adjustments are available
  • Optional installation of new quartz, granite, or laminate countertop

For this kitchen transformation, all of the cabinets were left intact except the glass cabinets above the desk and in the butler’s pantry. Since these cabinets were going to be refaced with glass doors, and since the interior of the cabinets were brown, it made sense to replace the cabinets as well with white cabinets. 

When considering refacing as an option for your kitchen, it doesn’t mean you can’t make modifications.  This is the perfect time to introduce some modifications.  It's not difficult to add extra storage, convert cupboards to pot drawers, or add smaller cabinets above the fridge (e.g. to accommodate a taller fridge).  In this kitchen, one of the cupboards was converted to a garbage pullout.